Cam Ryder: The Comic Series is a series of comics that was released on April 18, 2016.

Series 1 Edit


Issue 1: A Chaos Filled Day

Cam Ryder comes face to face with a cop because Cam Ryder tried to take over Austria. The officer shoots Cam Ryder 10 times, but it didn't kill him. He then bombed North Korea, and got blown to India to Japan. He met a Sensei named Sensei Tu.

Part 2: Sensei Tu fixes supper, and a monster kills Cam Ryder.

Part 3: Cam Ryder is revived after a monster attack. He repairs a wall he accidentally damaged and returns home.

Issue 3 : Moar Problems

When Cam Ryder returned home, he got caught by the Police, and stayed with Sensei Tu for 2 more years. When he returned home, the Police tried to find him again, but they arrested a clone instead.

Issue 4: The Run Away

The cops find a underground base, but Cam Ryder kills them with a remote controlled gun on top of the base lid. He disguises himself as a motorcycle rider, but accidentally hits a pedestrian and is shot by police.

Issue 5: The Zombie Invasion

A mad scientist named Bobby Kaz creates a zombie apocalypse and Cam Ryder was unable to stop it. ISIS captured him and almost executed him, but Cam Ryder pretended to join them.

Issue 6: A New Day

Cam Ryder bombed ISIS and returns to Alabama. He sees his ex-girlfriend, Emily Gilbert. Her boyfriend Tony (LSU fan) threatened to kill Cam Ryder, but he shot Tony anyways. Cam and Emily decided to date again.

Issue 7: The Wild, Wild West!

After he goes to Church, Cam Ryder is bored and decides to go to 1857, where he becomes the sheriff of Montgomery, Alabama. Bobby Kaz tracks him down with the help of the Hamburger Helper glove. They rob a convenience store, and Cam Ryder shoots them with a machine gun from 1910. The store owner tells the mob to kill him because predicting the future is illegal in the town. Emily Gilbert teleports there and saves Cam Ryder. One of the townspeople grabs Cam Ryder and executes him by hitting him five times with a baseball bat. Sensei Tu comes before the second swing hits Cam Ryder. Sensei Tu tells the town to let Cam Ryder go. The Mayor continues the execution, and Sensei Tu kills the executioners. The Mayor shoots Cam Ryder in the head, killing him.

Issue 8: The Revival Of Cam Ryder (Last Novel)

Sensei Tu and Emily goes to his house and revives Cam Ryder. Sensei Tu destroys the time machine, and they go home.

Series 2 TBA Edit

These comics will feature Saban Ryder and the rest of the main crew.