Emily Gilbert is a character from the Cam Ryder Comic Series. She is Cam Ryder's wife.

She originally owned a military group called ''Purple Inc.'', but It was taken over by a militia during the zombie apocalypse.


Emily Gilbert from the new Cam Ryder comic series.


Emily Gilbert from Cam Ryder Adventures Issue #1

Comic Series Edit

In the first issue of Cam Ryder Adventures, Cam Ryder was walking around one day, he discovered Purple Inc. He blew up a soldier with a grenade launcher, and one of the soldiers told the General, Emily Gilbert that the attack was happening. She released the "hounds" and Cam Ryder escaped. In the new Cam Ryder comic series, When Cam Ryder got home, he researched the millitary group and saw Emily on their website. He instantly fell in love and came over her house with a purple cap and roses. Emily accidently shot Cam, thinking he was a intruder. They instantly fell in love.

A year passed by, and Cam Ryder came back from Syria. He saw her and they dated again. One day Cam Ryder traveled to 1855, and he was saved by Emily when a riot chased after him. Then, someone grabbed him and they executed him. Emily was very sad that Cameron was executed, but Sensei Tu revived him. They lived happily after after, and they had a kid named Saban Ryder.