Sensei Tu is a character from the new Cam Ryder comic series. He is a very important character due to his wise nature. He usually helps Cam Ryder and Emily on their adventures.

Comic Series Edit

In the first issue of the new Cam Ryder series, Cam Ryder is thrown from India to Japan by a huge tornado. He crashes into Sensei Tu's residence. Sensei Tu told Cam Ryder it was ok. Later, they had supper and Sensei Tu told Cam Ryder why he shouldn't be a dictator. Cam Ryder tells Sensei Tu he attempted to take over Austria, and it woke a Dictator Killing Monster. The monster killed Cam Ryder, but Sensei Tu revived him. The next day, Cam Ryder fixed the door, and headed home.

When Cam Ryder returned home, the police found him and he ran to Sensei Tu's house. Sensei Tu kept him for 2 more years.

During the time Cam Ryder traveled to 1855, he was executed. Before he was executed, Sensei Tu told the Mayor not to kill Cam Ryder. The Mayor refused to listen and shot Cam Ryder in the head. Sensei Tu and Emily went to his house and revived him soon after.